Friday, December 2, 2011

Grandpa Chan

Here he is....Grandpa Chan!

(For the record I'd just like to voice how weird it is to call these people 'Grandparents'.  They just don't seem old enough.  I picture a Mrs. Claus type figure as more 'grand-mothery'.  Ah well).

Because these are my favorite they'll go first:

Tra la la just a friendly stroll into the camera's point-of-view.

A normal person would have waited for Klauss Einrichtdorf to leave the frame.  


  But this next one is by far the best picture I took while on vacation.  

Wait for it....


Okay in all seriousness, this is the real photograph of Grandpa and 'The Kid'.

I think 'The Kid' has had enough of Mommy and her camera.  And beach combers.
Mercifully, Grandpa and Grandma Chan gave 'The Parents' a day off.  Upon returning we found that the Grandparents are both camera happy and shopping happy when it comes to this very spoiled grandchild.  Tons of pictures and a large bag full of new clothes.

Last family photo before leaving Phuket...sigh...

Did I mention the mall's in Malaysia?  They are HUGE!  There is no possible way to get through it all in one day.  In one weekend.  The grandparents took 'The Kid'.

They took him on all the kiddy rides they had.  Grandpa Chan looks like it was a real sacrifice to have to do that.

I'm just glad we found them.  Seriously...did I say how big these malls are??

Last but not least...the Grandparents and their first grandchild!  No we did NOT capitalize on that fact.  

I'd just like to say here again, THANK YOU so much to the Grandparents for taking 'The Kid' off our hands all the time while we were there.  I really enjoyed doing absolutely nothing every so often.



Stay tuned for the Malaysian Food's gonna be good.

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