Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Malaysia Recap Part Three

I feel almost childish thinking I was in heaven with De Hotel in Ipoh.

While it is super-cool, it just doesn't hold a candle to The Renaissance Resort in Phuket, Thailand.

The Grandparents Chan took myself, Lady Chan, 'The Man' and 'The Kid' to a wonderful little place called Phuket.

The resort was AH-mazing.  Ohhhh yes.  So relaxing.  So sunny.  So...here's some pictures.

We passed the Reception area numerous times a day.  Each time we passed any and all staff would stop what they were doing to greet us with a friendly bow and hello.  Awesome staff.  Very accommodating.
Reception terrace

Yummy rooms.  But be warned, the bathroom is glass encased.  So if you happen to be sharing an adjoining room with in-laws say, please make sure no one is on the loo before you invite them in.  Just saying.

Guest Suite
 All you can eat Tuesday evenings.  And it's good.  VERY good.  I'd go to the resort just for the food at the Sand Box.  I had this funky drink called Rose something or other and I'd love to get the recipe for it.  It had some kind of rose and peach flavoring, mixed with some kind of clear carbonated liquid.  Topped off with green apple cubes at the bottom.  Pleasantly Interesting.  Give it a try.

Sand Box Bar & Restaurant

Other amenities include:

Massage hut on the grounds.  Patrons can look out onto the beach.  Or at other scantily-clad resort guests.  I didn't get a chance to visit the Massage hut but, it looks very nice.

Two words.  Kiddie. Pool.  This was were 'The Kid' had his first pool experience.  The pool has a number of different levels to the pool and a small water slide and waterfall.  You can see part of a building off in the left upper-hand corner...more on that below.

Making friends

Remember that building I was mentioning?  This is the inside of it.  (The windows give you a view of the Kiddie Pool).  This is the children's center.  Parents can come bring their children here to play and watch cartoons.  AND...they'll watch your kids while you (the parent) goes off to play.  

Another room at the children's center.  Tons of toys!
The suites come with, among other things, wine available for purchase.  In case you were interested.

Weird Chinese man not included
View from the balcony.  Complete with small table and chairs.  A great place to sit.  Especially when the AC is so dang cold this was the only place to get warm.  Just saying.

Tons of beach to go around.  Few people on the beach.  Even better.  

There's only one place, nearby, to buy anything.  Food, groceries, souvenirs, silk rugs, lingerie, etc.  Turtle village.  'Grandparents Chan' brought back, besides a whole wardrobe, flashing plastic birds.  You'd be amazed at how entertaining these things are.

The Resort provides complimentary breakfast.  I'm not talking about the Days Inn kind where your danish comes out of a plastic wrapper and frozen bananas.  All I can think is...I want this.  In my house.  A full kitchen staff with options, options, OPTIONS!!!  Omelet?  No problem.  How would you like it?  Fruit smoothie?  No problem.  How would you like it?  Breads?  Which kind?  Salad?  Check.  Ice cream?  Check.  I mean, I could go on for days!  

I'm hungry.



  1. Great memories! Especially Phin in the pool and with his grandparents. Would totally do it again. Totally agree with the breakfast!!! Yummie...

  2. Would do it again...just not right away...I'm still recuperating.