Monday, December 12, 2011

We're Back...Malaysia Recap Part Two

No this one isn't about the food.  Patience!!  It will come.

Today's recap is on hotels.  It doesn't sound all that exciting.  Maybe it won't be.  You'll just have to read and find out.

Just sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

While vacationing at Hotel Chan here:

We also had a chance to stay in some other places.  (Thanks Grandparents)!

The first place we stayed was in a town called Ipoh (more on the actual visit later), at De Hotel.  

So, the outside really doesn't look like much.  Don't let that fool you.

The inside is what really matters, don't you know?

Front reception
So here's something I thought was a great idea and that I have never seen before.  (I don't get out much so I may have missed it).  The elevator's won't let you go anywhere unless you swipe your room key to the card reader.  No room key, no enter.  So Mr. BadGuy can't come in and make your life miserable.  I like that idea.

2 Floor foyer
I could've hung out in the foyer and been happy has a clam.  Indeed I got my chance around midnight with a crying baby.  (The foyer isn't as fun under those circumstances).  AND I will admit that while the hotel was super swanky (they did a great job on ambiance, etc.), the walls are a bit on the thin side.  While walking my insomniac of a child down the hallway I was privy to some intimate goings-on.  It's called solid oak doors and insulation people!  Yikes!

I couldn't find decent pictures and they don't do the hotel justice, but, I loved the contemporary decor, etc.  The room doesn't look like much here, but I promise it was cool.  Even the bathroom was cool.  (Again, I don't get out much).  And growing up with the MB was the one who booked the hotels.  They were usually the one's that were one step-up from the hourly rate hotels, if you catch my drift.  In short, they were not cool.  Then again, hotels have been in re-vamp mode.  They're a lot more inviting than they were 20 years ago.  

I will also say, that if you're traveling with little'll need to BYOBB.  Bring Your Own Baby Bed.  They don't provide.  That was a fun night.  I'll spare you the horror.

Next up, Phuket...stay tuned.


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