Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Grandma Chan

I've decided that with 16 Days of Malaysian goodness worth of pictures I'll have to do this in segments. (400+ worth of pictures.  I shall spare you all the agony).

I'll start with Grandma Chan.  Ladies first and all.

Pretty much as soon as we landed it was love at first sight for the Grandparents.  Well, pretty much everybody.  Let's face it, this kid is cute.  All fall under his spell.


We also met up with family when we got to the house.  A bit of a whirlwind.  I think being jet-lagged helped 'The Kid' feel a little more at ease with so many new faces.  Pretty much the only up-side to a 24-hour travel day.

Grandma tries to get 'The Kid' to wear a Chinese hat (complete with fake braid).   It's like the American equivalent (sort of) of the nasty ball caps with the ratty hair attached in the back.  So we're not the only ones who think that's funny.  

Dining out.  A typical scene.  Grandma Chan took 'The Kid' around to educate him in fine Malaysian dining.

More food fun.  Really, what other kind is there?

Grandma Chan out at the social network site with 'The Kid' .  Also a great way for her to show off her grandson.    

Party on Grandma's bed!  Wearing one (of many) new outfits that Grandma and Grandpa got for 'The Kid' .  I'm pretty sure the store won't have any problems making rent this month.  

Last but not least....

'The Kid' has figured out that the camera means 'smile pretty'.  So here he is.  Smiling pretty.  With both of the proud Grandparents.

And in case you're at all interested...a little Chinese language lesson.  Grandparents on the paternal side are known as:

Grandpa = Ye Ye
Grandma = Ma Ma

Both have accent marks above the vowels.  I'm sure I could figure out how to add those if I knew anything about computers but...you get the picture.

Grandparents on the maternal side (my parents, if they were Chinese) would be:

Grandpa = Gong Gong
Grandma = Po Po

There'll be a quiz on this later.


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