Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter 2015

Hello there!  Remember us?!  I'd like to say we've been busy.  We have.  But not so busy I couldn't update the blog.  I'm lazy I guess.  But I thought this Easter holiday was a good time to re-start.

Sunday we spent the Easter festivities doing church-y things and with Papa and Omi.  It was a really beautiful day.  And super easy.  Too easy?  Nah.  We did a <quick> Easter egg hunt.

I limited the number of eggs because I'm sick of my kids eating candy lately.  Everybody likes to give my kids candy!!!  I like giving my kids candy.  It's a problem.  But I didn't want them to miss out on a completely ridiculous Easter tradition having nothing to do with the resurrected Lord, namely the Easter egg hunt, etc.  

The Little Lady wouldn't put her whole hand in there.  Spiderwebs!  I don't blame her.
 It was hard to catch a good photo of The Kid finding eggs.  He's quick!
 As you can see, we don't take Easter baskets too seriously.  Mommy didn't buy any this year.  Oops.  I can't help it.  They're all so ugly!  So naturally the Megabeast and I MADE some really pretty ones.  (Har har).

Funny enough, the kids LOVED these spur-of-the-moment baskets.  Little Lady walked around the the Queen of England all day with hers.

It was fun to watch them look for eggs in Omi and Papa's backyard.  Daddy hid the eggs.  I'd love to know what their little brains are thinking when they're looking for eggs.  It really is a strange tradition when you really think about it.  They had a good time playing with the balls they got in the big basket of stuff.  AND the water color paints.  (Thank you Dollar Store!).

And thank-you to Omi for supplying meals all weekend long.  It was great not to have to cook.  She's probably sick of it though.  :)  Moms are great.  Maybe one day I'll be awesome like that.

Happy Easter everyone!

Lady Chan

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