Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Hi! Chair.

**Just saw this in my Draft box and am not sure why I never posted it.  Here it is...kinda late.  Enjoy**

This is to illustrate just how long it can take me to get a project done.  I purchased this highchair at a garage sale ($25+ a VHS of Scarlet Pimpernel thrown in) when I was still pregnant with The Kid.  (That would be 4, years ago.  Ish.)

It has been in various stages of sanding for the last few years.  Flash forward to the end of November of this year and:

A few finishing touches and:


My mother came over and saw it.  She was pleased until she went to touch it.  It was rough to the touch and decided to take it home with her to 'fix' it.  It has been sitting in her entryway for a month now.  Half-sanded.  Bless her heart it's smooth now but needs another coat of paint.

I'm conflicted.  I knew I was skipping a step or two when painting the chair, but, I wanted to check off another item off my 'to-do' list.  Getting a job done well is great but...ya.  And Little Lady really was enjoying the chair.  And I was enjoying her enjoying the chair at meal times.  It meant less headache for me with her sitting in a 'big' chair at the table.  Sigh...

Lady Chan

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