Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas 2014

Always a busy week before Christmas but full of fun, food, family and friends.  First up...The Kid's 4th Birthday!

The cake I lovingly called 'the train that almost was'.  Not what I originally envisioned but The Kid was happy about it.  It'll have to be enough.  

And he's finally getting the hang of blowing out candles.

Papa built The Kid (and all my siblings family) a ginormous bulldozer.  The kid was VERY excited.

Mommy was excited too because she got to open a Christmas present early.  Omi and Papa got everyone a statuette of olive wood from their trip to Israel.  It's the most scrumptious looking wood.  And it smells like olive oil.  Cool right?  The picture from behind is of the city of Jerusalem.
 Thanks Omi and Papa!!!

Christmas Eve we sat the kids down each with a cookie and a present to open.  Carefully chosen by their mother.  :)

I read the kids The Polar Express and then The Night Before Christmas.  I think I enjoyed it more but they're still young.

Daddy made a doll house for our Little Lady.  I'm so proud!
 After a long night of wrapping, etc. we finally finished and stumbled off to bed.  I had to take a picture before the chaos began the next morning.

The Kid and Little Lady came into our bed before we let them into the living room.
 And then...

The Kid was pretty excited to get some new undies...

And Little Lady was kind of confused and in awe over this new fangled doll her Daddy brought home.
 The Kid enjoyed the box almost as much.

 Teapot, woohoo!!
 I got the kids each a new towel and travel duffel.  I'm sure there was a little excitement on their part.
Little Lady got some jewelry that she wore all day long.  It's so much fun to see my children enjoy themselves as themselves.  They are so strongly who they are.  The Kid very much a boy, Little Lady very much a girl.  I couldn't be happier.  

The Man made breakfast for us, thank you babe!  The kids, once they got the hang of the Christmas routine, had a blast.  A little over-stimulated by the end of the day but what a wonderful time we had watching our babies play.

I was spoiled rotten and loved every minute of it.  Thank you love!

We also had some friends over for dinner.  They got a first-hand view of what having two toddlers in the house is like.  But they didn't seem to mind.  Great company and great food!  A wonderful Christmas holiday.  It's only the day after Christmas and The Man asked when we should put the tree away.  Haha!  Just a few more days my sweet.

Happy Christmas!

Lady Chan

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  1. Hooray for toddlers and Christmas! And hooray for it being over. You have the biggest grin of everyone holding that teapot. It is so cute!