Friday, December 12, 2014


 They're here!  The ornaments have arrived!  I'm so glad I started this tradition.  And quite frankly, shocked it's still going strong.

I think I had a stroke of good 'idea' luck when The Man and I were out shopping for Christmas our first year we were married.  We happened to go in a shop that was decorated completely with trees and ornaments.  All for sale.  We found some pretty cool ones.  Anyway, I thought it might be nice to write a little 'love' note to go with the ornament for that person.  Fast forward four years and I've managed to keep it going.  Sweet!

So, here's The Kid.  'Hanging' his new ornament.  (He needed a little help keeping it on the branch).

I showed The Kid some ornaments for sale on-line and this is the one he insisted on having.  I'm usually not drawn to ornaments with the year on it but I was so tickled he caught on to the game of picking something he like on-line that I was happy to oblige.  And it makes it more personal to him, knowing that's the one HE picked.  I think I'll let them pick one out every year from here on out.

I picked Little Lady's ornament out though.  She's not quite old enough to get the on-line shopping thing.  I'm sure it won't be long...and it was a little guilty pleasure of mine to pick one out that I liked.  I can't help it!  She can pick her's next year.

The eyes are a little bit creepy, but whatever.  Don't look too close.  :)

I've since attached letter's in 'red packet' envelopes to the ornaments but didn't get a picture.  I'm thinking that maybe when the kids get married or first year married Christmas I'll send it as a 'gift'.  Then their spouses can wonder at the strange assortment of ornaments they have collected over the years.

Happy Decembering!

Lady Chan

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  1. Super cute idea! and definitely makes for an eclectic tree!