Sunday, October 5, 2014

Little Lady Turned 2!

Is it totally indecent that she isn't wearing any clothes?  I can't help it!  The thermometer reading in our house is averaging in the eighties for the last 5 months.  And we don't have A/C.  

Anywho!  We celebrated our little girls birthday on September 17th.  She's TWO!  How'd that happen?!  She's talking almost as much as her brother now.  

I have completely failed in the whole 'throw your kid a crazy-involved themed birthday bash'.  It's overrated anyway.  But I do feel bad that I didn't get around to making a cake.  Or putting clothes on her.  She got an awesome red velvet cupcake from the BreadBasket.  (Thanks for that babe!).  Some play-doh and some fun little play suitcases that she won't get to play with.  Fun!

I am glad to report that my kids enjoy the fruit on top more than the cupcake itself.  (And it was a good cupcake.  Believe me.  Because I ate the remaining half for breakfast the next day.  The things I do for king and country...).

Happy Birthday little girl, Mommy loves you THIS MUCH!!!!

Lady Chan

Apologies for the bad photo quality.  Mommy didn't charge the battery on the good camera.  Gr.

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  1. Love the selfie with your little princess! She is getting SO big! : )