Monday, September 22, 2014

World's Longest Update!

I kept trying to get a post in for July.  And then August.  And then what's happened to September?!  It's nearly over!  This will be my attempt to bring us all up to speed.  Brace yourselves!

Here's the run-down, in pictures.  I'll try to keep the verbiage to a minimum.  Enjoy!

July 12: How fitting that we did The Kids' ceiling with stars in July.  The Man indulged my whim...on a whim.  Actually I had always planned to have stars on the very blue ceiling but never got around to it.  Until then.  I meant to do it myself but ended up being more complicated than anticipated.  (Like most jobs I start...).  Thank you, love!

July 21-30: Family Reunion in Utah.  The Man couldn't make it so Omi was my navigator as we drove.  Oy.  It took us 16 hours to get there.  (Usually a 12 hour trip).  It was crucial to the sanity of both me and the kids that we made frequent stops.  Most notably was the St. George stop.  (It was such a hit we went back to the same place on the return trip).  We stopped to pick up Auntie Beth and she showed us a little oasis in the middle of town with a kiddie stream and fountain.  The place was hopping but the kids had a blast. 

I rare moment of happy co-mingling.  I didn't even prompt them with this.  It's all them!  So cute.

The kids had a good time playing in Omi and Papa's backyard in Logan.  We spent a lot of time there and way out in the very back of the yard where the goats and stream were located.  I could do with a stream in my backyard.  I don't think I'll need the goats.  But boy, did the kids love feeding the goats and splashing in the very cold stream.  Little Lady especially enjoyed the baby goats trying to eat her hair.  She fussed about it but couldn't stop letting them do it!

The Kid discovered the cousins train set so he was happy and (blissfully) out of my hair for a large portion of the day.  I missed The Man terribly while in Utah but I enjoyed watching the kids play with all of their cousins.  

August 6: County Fair!  I only got one picture.  The kids didn't do so well.  Omi came with us.  I honestly don't know why I keep going to the fair.  I don't enjoy it all that much to be honest.  And I'm not sure the kids care much for it either.  Apart from the brief visit to the livestock buildings.  Anyway, this year we went into a new building.  Why didn't I take the kids there first?!  They had the 'track' with where you see Little Lady riding the trike.  The Kid was with Omi watching a kids comedian making balloon animals.  Anyway, we went and experienced something new.  Not a bad way to spend the day.

Aug 7: Art Class - This particular exercise I had the girls pick out of a couple of cups a word they need to draw.  For example one cup was an object and the other cup an animal.  They need to draw a picture that incorporated the two.  Here are the works in progress! 
Lady K
Lady J

Lady M
Et Moi
Sept 1:  Labor Day Disneyland Trip!  The heat has been unforgiving for awhile now.  It was no better in Aneheim.  But we were brave.  Actually The Man and I decided to go early and just do a half day.  It worked out well.  We've battled with the kids for all-day trips to the Happiest Place on Earth but it ends up far from it.  So, note to self (and anyone else with small children): half day is the way to go.  

There's so much to take in.  The heat, the action, the rides and the walking.  By the time we left the kids had reached their limit.  In fact, Little Lady didn't make it out the parking lot before she conked out.  The Kid waits until usually ten miles before we get home.  Arg.

 Sept. 3? : Solvang!  Another 'beat the heat' day excursion with Omi.  It was still hot but still we had a good time.  My main attraction is Ingeborg's Sweet Shop.  Yummy chocolate and the kids got some strawberry ice cream.  They sat at the old-fashioned bar and even got some hats. 

September 11: Art Class - Highlighting
Art class started up again late July with one new girl and a couple 'old hats'.
Lady M

Lady J

Sept. 13:  A hard few weeks with The Kid.  I think he was bored and needed something a little more 'grown up'.  Not to reward bad behavior, but there you go.  He's still learning coordination with it but getting around pretty good on it.  Even Little Lady is getting to know her way around the scooter scene.  Shoulda bought two!  It's weird but we always seem to need to get the kids something somewhat close to Christmastime.  Hm.  

Our current project (concurrently with the front yard as well...oy).  The backyard.  Mostly kicked in to high gear due to the violation letter we received from the city.  Apparently they don't like brown front lawns.  Long story, but we had a due date to have the lawn torn out if we were to get rid of it.  Otherwise they were going to force us to water it.  What drought?

We even scored some free fill dirt (and free delivery!).  We only used about half so if you need some free fill dirt...
What kid doesn't like a giant dirt mound?

So, I think that's most of what we've been up to.  The occassional visit to the beach and parks but I thought I'd spare the mundane from you.  This post is long enough as it is!

Lady Chan

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  1. I truly don't understand the city needing green lawns during a drought. Suck it up, Cam! Thanks for the update - I LOVE the stars on the ceiling!