Wednesday, July 9, 2014

4th of July Weekend

I hope everyone had a delightful 4th of July Weekend.  Ours was surprisingly really low-key and relaxing.  The kids were actually behaving for us!  
The Kid has been busy making awesome things in his preschool class.  He even let his little sister wear his new hat.  Love!

My brother (Can I give him the moniker Big D?) and his wife and kids came down for a visit.  It was great to have family in town.  The Kid LOVES his cousins.  Not that he really knows that's what all these people are.  He just likes kids to play with.  And we've had a steady stream.  He's been one happy camper.

And so have I for that matter!  I can coerce certain family members to help me get some big things done around here that I otherwise wouldn't get done.  For a long long time.  Cuz you can bet I'm not going to be breaking any concrete slabs up anytime soon.  Haha.  Actually I think The Man and Big D had a good time showing off their manly ways to each other.  Whatever.  Thanks Big D!

Now all I have to do is figure out what to do with the mess!

The Man and I did our own thing for the 4th for the most part.  We took the kids to the early morning flag raising ceremony over at the church.  We ate the obligatory nasty pancake breakfast and then went home to chill for a little bit.  (Except Mommy...she cooked).  We had some awesome kebabs that even the kids ate.  Bacon wrapped asparagus too.  (Yes!)  Star spangled cookies (I think I took some over to my mom's for everybody later that night).  Sorry no pictures.  Cookies don't last long enough here to take pictures of.  They were cute I promise.

We were graced with some pretty awesome 4th of July weekend weather.  Hot and Sunny.  That only means one thing.  Beach!!

On Saturday. I actually had The Man take the kids while I met up with them later.  Omi had an emergency decorating need.  So I followed my sister-in-law and mother to a couple stores to give my very authoritative opinion that pretty much saved the day.  Bahahaha!  Just kidding.  But it was fun to play decorator with someone else's money.  I think my sister-in-law enjoyed it too.  :)  After that I flew to the beach to meet my little family all wet and happy.  I'm sure The Man was happy for the extra set of hands.  It's not easy juggling two toddlers on your own! Nobody drowned... I consider that a success.

 The water was perfect.  All this hot weather makes it bearable to get into.  The Man and I had a great time with the kids in the water.  They were blissfully happy being extremely wet and extremely sandy.  These are what makes childhood memories so glorious!

It was a great long weekend to have Daddy home to play and hang out with.  If only we all didn't have to work.  Mmm.

Happy Summer!

Lady Chan

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  1. The cookies were very cute - and delicious. Little Sophie was very sad when they were all gone. Probably the only sugar she got during that week! Thanks for a great week & weekend!