Friday, June 27, 2014

Week in Review

I know food really isn't much of a BIG event...wait a second.  Yes it IS!  Making dinner seems to be a special occasion lately (it's too hot to cook!) so I'm adding it to my week review anyway.  

I even got crazy and made something a little different.  Indian Butter Chicken.  We even used authentic Indian dishes.  We had naan too, curtesy of Trader Joe's.  (I'm not THAT ambitious!)  It wasn't bad.  Needed more spiciness to it.  And where in the heck to I find cardamom pods??  Didn't have that.  Or cashews.  (I used pistachios...gross?  Seemed to work).

So my sister Lady J and her troupe came down for a two week visit.  They showed up the 9th (?) and left the 21st.  The Kid had such a good time with all his cousins.  He's still asking for Austin.  (And sometimes Evan).  'Austin' and 'beach' are kind of in the same sentence now too.  For whatever reason Austin heard The Kid say 'beach' and he thought it was funny so he was always trying to get him to say that whenever they were together.  

Things are quiet again this week.  (But not for Dg and his troupe will be here tomorrow)  It's hard trying to explain to a 3 1/2 year old that Austin lives far away and he won't see him anytime soon.  :(  I wish!

 During those two weeks we had a small retaining wall put up.  That process was a weird, long, funny story but I'll spare you.  We're just happy it's done.  Now onwards...we need to locate some (free) fill dirt and bring up the slope to about level with the wall.  So the yard will have a terrace of sorts.  Lots to do, where to start...

And because there's lots to do and it goes a lot slower than we always expect it to, on a lark I decided to fill an empty dirt space with a small garden.  I'm fairly certain my raised garden beds won't get in this season.  :(

So, here it is.  The Megabeast even talked me into buying a small (for now) fruit tree.  This little spot is right next to the back door of the house.  The orange tree (Washington Navel Semi-dwarf if you're curious) I'm hoping won't be too much trouble if I keep it pruned way down.  I also planted a rosemary bush.  Don't know the name other than it's a 'tall'.  Then I've got my veggies...yellow crookneck squash (mmm), tomatoes, bell peppers and a couple strawberries I stole from my mother.  :)  (Thanks mom!)
Phew!  I'm beat!  But I'm looking forward to growing something.  Baby steps!

Happy Summer!

Lady Chan

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