Monday, June 16, 2014

Kitchen Happenings

The kitchen is slowly coming along.  I'm talking molasses slow.  Nevertheless, I must count the smallest improvements as progress.  Otherwise I'd go crazy.  Here it is in pictures!
We'll start with the wall sockets.  Two words for y'all: Plate. Covers.  Something so small, yet makes the biggest difference.

So we had this dilemma.  We tiled the kitchen backsplash area which is great, but, it left the wall sockets inset even deeper than they were already.  Boo!  My brother J was in town and told him of my perdicament and he told me this great little trick I could do.  

Put washers behind the the uh...socket thingy??  Where the screws fasten to the box?  I'll have to show you in picture.  I'm sure its got an official name but I'm not familiar with it.
Teeny-tiny washers

You can kind of see it in this picture.  I ended up switching to teeny-tiny nuts (insert inappropriate jokes here) because I was using up to ten of these washers, per screw.  I'm telling you, the gap was quite significant.  Shout out to my brother!  Helped me tons!

And because it was such arduous work I took a chocolate break.  75 proof  people...I hit the hard stuff!

Here's another view (small) of an installed plate cover.  I'm still not sure about the brushed nickel.  but the white was boring and the black is just too black.  I think I'll get used to it soon enough.  AND if you notice here I have some fresh herbs brought to me direct from Lady B's garden.  Yippee!  Thank you!

And because I like to harp on weird things....What's with electrical dudes labeling things in some secret code?  Because I was trying to be a little more safety-concious, go to turn off the power to the plugs in the kitchen, and this is what I see.  Hmm...eeny-meeny-miney-moh??

That was fun.  I labeled the ones I figured out but I've still got a few more mystery labels to figure out.  Unless there's some universal numbering system to all this that I'm unaware of...?

Okay, now for the really fun one.

The kitchen window sill is IN!  WEE!!  I was really really sick of looking at this nasty gaping chasm every time I did dishes.

My old man cut some leftover walnut (?) to size.  I sure wish I knew how to do stuff like that.  But I have a deep and unnatural fear of all things power tools.  Table-saw anyone??  Anyway, he cut the wood and we did the rest.  We know how to sand and finish here!

We made it out of wood so it would echo the shelves on the other wall.  Does it work?  I guess it doesn't matter so much because that sucker is staying where it's at :)

Bliss!  And I propped some yummy smelling lavender.  Yay me!  (Thanks for all your hard work husband!  It looks so good).  

Happy Monday everyone!

Lady Chan

Got to Skype with the Grandparents Chan on Father's Day!  I miss you guys so much and glad you're all doing well.

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  1. Oh, I LOVE the windowsill! Makes me want wood windowsills, too. Sigh. Hope you like the herbs. The garlic was harvested a little young, so it's not officially in cloves yet. Just slice it like an onion - it will be much more mild than regular garlic, so you can use a bit more than normal. Love you!