Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Halloween Time!

I always forget how much I LOVE THE FALL!  The mornings are cold.  The air feels different.  It smells different.  One could argue it's the smell of things dying but...that would be kind of morbid to say.  Hm.

Last Monday we took the kids to the Pumpkin Patch.  They're both getting older and more into what's going on so it has been making it so much more fun for me.  Though I'm a little sad my Little Lady is getting so big now.  (sigh)

Anyway!  The kids had a good time picking up various pumpkins covering the hillside.  Picking them up and dropping them.  I don't think on purpose, but I felt bad about it all the same.  

Afterward we drove over to El Pollo Loco for some soft-serve ice cream.  (Hoorah for living in southern California!)  According to the cashier lady they haven't served soft-serve ice cream for a year. I'm not sad about the fact that I did not know that.  And McDonald's was across the parking lot and they DO serve ice cream so no losses.  Or tantrums.  All in all a successful evening!

Our future farmer!

A day or two later I told Omi we were going to her house to make Halloween cookies.  And then things got really crazy.

The kids skipped the business of eating the cookie and went straight to licking the cookie.  Later, when Omi tore herself away from her computer, she came into the kitchen and re-frosted their cookies.  

It was fun to do with the kids.  Mostly they ate cookie dough and got into things they shouldn't.  Little Lady stayed for a little bit to 'help' roll out the dough.  

Hopefully we didn't leave to much of a mess.  Omi sent us home with half the cookies.  And I did my duty by eating most of them for breakfast, lunch and dinner the next day.  Which is why I need to stop making cookies.  


Happy Pumpking-ing!

Lady Chan


  1. She RE-FROSTED them? Why? So the kids could lick the frosting off AGAIN? Go, Omi. Super cute pictures!

  2. Yes. Yes. And yes. She's a strange bird.