Friday, November 14, 2014

Halloween Roundup

Lots of Halloween activities this year!  It was so much fun!!!  The kids were really getting into it.  Though I think the kids would've been just happy playing on the tire swing in our friends front yard. 
Some friends of ours that live just around the corner from us invited us to join their Trick or Treating party.  The Kid and their boy Anders are kind of pals so it worked out great.  Little Lady was just happy to hang out, albeit from a safe distance.  She doesn't like to get to chummy with anyone still.

The Kid started out with a costume but by the end of the night his rocket boosters kept falling off.  They got a workout, it was a little too much for my DIY costume.  It was fun to see the other kids scoping out his rocket pack.  They all had these really nice store bought costumes but here my kid is with the home made special.  Haha!

Little Lady was so, well...ladylike as she Trick or Treated.  She didn't get overly hyper, she just went with the flow.  In fact the first house we went to she got a sucker and she was almost not interested in the rest of the night.  Almost.  I couldn't get her to say 'Trick or Treat' to save my life.  Not a PEEP!  But she had her treat bag out at the ready for sure.
 The Kid was hilarious.  He was one of the smaller kids out Halloween night but he LED THE CHARGE!  He was ahead of the group the whole night hollering as he went, "Come on kids!  Candy!"  And then waiting at the next house for everyone to catch up before yelling "Trick or treat!" at the door.  So funny.  And cute.  But that's just me maybe.

 It's amazing how much candy a kid can accumulate with just a few blocks of Trick or Treating.  After a few blocks we all went our separate ways.  Daddy had taken Little Lady back home already but The Kid was in no way done.  So we hit the rest of the street as we made our way home.  I was sick with cuteness overload with this kid!!!

It was a very satisfying Halloween this year.  The kids are getting older and enjoying our strange cultural rituals more and more.  Love it!

Lady Chan

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