Friday, April 19, 2013

Grandpa and Grandma Chan Came to Visit!!

The Grandparents Chan came for a visit, hooray!  They finally got to see their newest granddaughter.  And get an up close and personal look at exactly how active The Kid really is.

I think maybe the pictures and stories we tell them didn't quite convince them.  They kept marveling at how The Kid NEVER stops.  Yep.  We're so proud.

They also got to try some of Papa's in-house special: waffles!!

Play time with Little Lady and Grandma Chan.

Grandpa getting his morning work-out.

Pool-time with Grandma...water not included.

Nothing like a trip to Panda Express to help the Grandparents cope with American Cuisine.

 Yay, all of us together for a picture!

I told everybody to do a 'silly' face.  Oh dear.  Lady Chan and The Man really needs to tone it down a notch.

 The tech-boys and their toys...

We had such a good time with The Man's parents here.  Thankfully the weather was nice.  Still a little chilly for the native Malaysians, but, tolerable.  (Thank goodness we live in S. California...we might never see them if it snowed here!)  It was such a low-key week.  The grandparents were happy staying home.  Great!  No stress for Mommy and The (crazy) Kid out in public.  We did take a trip to Andrea's seafood place for some yummy Fish n Chips.  And what's a trip to America without going to Costco.  I think they almost maxed out their luggage weight limit with chocolate alone.  My kind of people.  :)

The Kid was in heaven with so much attention!  And the Little Lady was an absolute princess.  (She gets it from her mother).  The grandparents were smitten.  Naturally.

They brought us a TON of goodies from Malaysia.  The Man is excited for some curry seasonings (and recipe books) his mom brought.  Lady Chan is super excited about the recipe books too, though a little trepidatious when it comes to spicy stuff.  The kids scored some super fun traditional Chinese clothing.  The dresses were my favorite.   (I'm sure there will be pictures to follow later...).  And we (read I) got some pewter.  I'll have to take some pictures of it, but I's super cool.

The biggest, bestest thing ever though was that we all got to see The Man's parents.  Being halfway around the world from each other is not easy.  I want so badly for our kids to know their grandparents.  The flight is a long and hard one.  I'm so glad they braved it to come see us.  I LOVED watching them with their grandchildren.  We all had such a great time.  THANK YOU for everything Grandma and Grandpa Chan!!!  We love you so much!

Lady Chan & Co.

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