Friday, April 19, 2013

Art Class: Book Binding (Part 1 of 2)

Our newest student, Lady S

Classes have resumed from the Spring Break for the kids.  So we're back!  And I decided to introduce book binding.  
I saw a post on Design*Sponge online for Japanese book binding and decided we'd give it a go.  Albeit with a lot less precious materials, but, all the's the journey that matters right?

We had a full table on Monday.  Not sure the dynamics are working (two of the girls are sisters...not always a recipe for creative thinking).  I think we're going to break up the week so Lady J can feel more independent or something.  

Yes, a toothbrush.  You'd be surprised how versatile a tool it is.  
 My trouble-makers.  Make that the gabby trouble-makers.

 Art is tough sometimes!  There is thinking involved believe it or not.

Can't wait for next week.  I think the girls will enjoy the book binding process and see it fully formed.  Part 1 was just getting our pages for the book colored.

Until then,

Lady Chan

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