Friday, November 16, 2012

All is Bright

It's that time of year.  Or getting close anyway.  The Man expressed interest in sending out Christmas cards this year.  Oy.  Okay.

So this is my attempt at getting that started.  Pictures this morning.  And, like the Halloween pictures, I had point 3 seconds to get them done.  And again, most of them came out blurry.  This time because I was taking the pictures in low-light.  And I don't know what I'm doing still.  This, I'm afraid, will be as good as it gets.

Here's The Kid.  He played with the lights for a few minutes.  Then he escaped out the front door.  Yes folks...Houdini can now manage to unlock the deadbolt off the front door.  So in my pajamas and UGGS (and he in his Chinese outfit) I chased him down.  I'm sure the neighbors enjoyed that one.

The Kid wearing his outfit Grandma and Grandpa Chan got him.  What a stud!

Last Saturday the whole lot of us drove down to China town to get Little Miss a blessing outfit.  See how excited she is??

She better be, because that was the worlds fastest trip to LA and we stayed for one hour.  And there was so much I still wanted to see and buy.  Maybe it was a good thing the trip was so brief.  Poor Kid...he was going nuts with all the fun stuff on display everywhere.  If we knew he could stay close to us and not run around like a crazy person we would have let him free.  Chinatown is not ready for that yet.  

So Christmas cards here we come.  (It's not even Thanksgiving yet...look how on top of it I am!!)  I so wish the pictures I took were more interesting and cute.  And we still need a picture of the WHOLE family.  Another day I suppose.

Lady Chan


  1. Oh, I think the pictures are plenty cute...but that might be because the subjects are so adorable!!! When is little miss getting blessed?

  2. Your pictures are so cute. I love their outfits. I think they came our great.

  3. You ladies are too kind! Thanks! I just get professional photographer envy sometimes. Little Miss is being blessed on the 25th of this month.