Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

One of my most favorite times of year!  I'd say THE most favorite but it seems wrong to favor a Pagan holiday from a Christian holiday.  So Christmas first, and THEN Halloween.  Actually, it runs a very close second.

I must say how proud I am for taking steps to even acknowledge this years holiday.  Last year I don't think I/we did anything.  In my heart of hearts I'd love to go all-out but...I'm lazy.  And a lot of times that wins out.  

I had to post at least once this month too.  I'm glad it could be today.  Here's a photo-log of Halloween this year. 

To start, the do-dads...
In case you weren't sure...those paper baggy things are supposed to be broom sticks.  There are goodies inside.  

Little Miss;

Tutu dress compliments of the MB.  Not sure I would've given this item a second glance at the store.  But I must is rather adorable.

The Kid...more like The Terror:

Couldn't get him to stay still.  Look at that mischievous glint in his eye...gonna getcha.

I'm bummed, a lot of the pictures of the two kids together came out blurry or out of focus.  I had to hurry!  Arg!  The Kid is such a turd I had about point two seconds to take the shots and get him out of there before he sat on his sister.

I may have The Kid Trick or Treat a few houses tonight.  We took him to the Trunk or Treat last Saturday but I got side-tracked and didn't get to see The Kid doing the whole Trick or Treating thing.  I totally missed it!

Happy Halloween all!

Lady Chan

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  1. Trick or Treating with a 2-year-old is so fun - I hope you get to see it!