Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Fun has Arrived!

Here she is!  Our 'Little Miss' was born September 17th weighing in at a very dainty 6 pounds 6 ounces and petite 19 inches.  (With a not so demure howl of protest upon entry).  
Right now The Man and I are enjoying our reality check of being new parents again.  Oy.  I can't believe I've actually got a spare moment to write these words.  I'm typing fast!

So without further ado, here are the pictures.

Our last family picture of just the three of us.  The Man and I left seconds after this was taken to go to the hospital for my scheduled C-section.  

After being admitted we were taken to our room to get ready for the procedure.  This is also the point where I started to get a little anxious/nervous.  (Things were starting to happen!)

Thankfully I didn't have long to be nervous, because two hours after that we got this:

Yes.  I cried.  Not as loud as Little Miss, but, tears were shed.  For a number of reasons.  We were told we had the option to 'watch' the birth (read: baby pulled/yanked out of an open incision).  The Man and I had opted NOT to witness that and just use our imaginations.  The anesthesiologist however insisted we (read: I.  The Man still wouldn't look) we watch.  (He was practically dancing with giddiness, saying 'You have to!  This is the BEST part!).

So I watched.  I'll tell you what...there's something very strange/surreal/horrifying/miraculous about watching your doctor pull a human baby from your open gut.  So yes, I cried.  A lot.  I was both horrified and beside myself with wonder at the birth of my daughter.  And then I cried some more when they put her in my arms.  I also cried while being sown back up.  Apparently what can happen while your lower abdomen has been cut open, air will enter and travel up to the shoulder and make your life rather miserable.  In fact, it's been about a week and a half now and it still crops up every now and again.  And it's very annoying.  Anywho...moving on...

The MB brought 'The Boys' by...meaning Papa and 'The Kid'.  The Men had a celebratory 'smoke' from their See-gars.  

The Kid was mesmerized for about 4.2 seconds.  Just long enough to get pictures and be just a little freaked out.  (He did NOT want to touch her).   

And Mommy also got her goodie

There was a Vogue magazine in there (nom-nom) that I'm pretty sure weighed more than our daughter. Wowza!  And of course CHOCOLATE and other sugary treats.  Mmmmm.

After a few days of awesomely gross hospital food and a baby under the Bilirubin lights, we were told we could go home if we wanted to. don't have to ask me twice!  Get me my own bed and bathroom!!!

The staff took a picture of us leaving the hospital with our 'prize'.  We needed a couple of takes.  The first about accurately portrays how I felt.

Take Two:  Ahh...much better!

The car ride home...

And then she went directly to bed.  Literally.  (And so did sore!)

We're all happy to be home and trying to get used to our new schedule.  Or non-schedule.  Trying to heal and learn how to be a parent to TWO children.  We've got some learning to do!  I'm trying to make sure that The Kid is still getting his one on one time with Mommy or Daddy.  I can tell when he is needing some attention.

It was nice to come home to a little bit of a re-arrangement.  The Man and I are in a bigger room and it has made ALL the difference.  (It's amazing how comfy a couple of extra feet can make you).  The Kid is enjoying his 'new' room as well.  It's odd because he seems to know that it is HIS room now.  I'm not sure why he didn't feel ownership over his last room...strange.  It was so cute.  He even showed me his new room when we got home.  He went in there to get something and saw that I was coming with him and he lit up and kind of 'presented' his room.  He walked over to his shelf with toys and kind of showed them to me.  He was right proud of his new place.  So funny.

So, there you go!  We are now a family of FOUR!  Yippee!

Lady Chan


  1. Oooooh, she is so beautiful! I wish I could be there and hold her (while you nap) you all!

  2. I wish you could too! I need a nap. Still.