Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Shenanegans

Happy Labor Day!  You know what time of year that is right?  Right?  An age-old family tradition...Still don't know?  


I (and my family) started going to Disneyland on Labor Day ever since I can remember.  Why that day I'm not sure.  But there you have it.  So now I've continued the tradition by dragging along 'The Man' and later, 'The Kid'.  

Some years we get lucky and there's no crowd.  This was not that year.  

Even still, it was fun.  More fun because watching 'The Kid's' face in the Tiki Room is priceless.  And running after him on Tom Sawyers Island is pretty dang cute too.  Such an under-valued attraction at Disneyland.  

We brought along the MB.  She offered to let 'The Man' and I go while she babysat but I'm huge pregnant and can't go on anything really anyway so why not just bring 'The Kid' and the MB and make a gathering out of it all.

So here's the pictures of our day.  It was VERY hot.  And we stayed until 8 p.m.  I can't remember the last time we stayed that long.  'The Kid' was a trooper, but, VERY ready to go home.  And I forgot my camera, so the iPhone had to be substituted.  

My iPhone has a long delay between pushing the 'take picture' and it actually taking the picture.  But believe me when I say that 'The Kid' was in this shot looking at the boat and it was cute.

Dang.  It's locked.
The MB insisted I take a picture of her to send to her friends in England.  We were all just here a couple of weeks ago.  Pathetic, I know.  But we're fans.  And hey, we've got to get our money's worth out of our Annual Passes!
Shop with this woman at your own RISK!!!

Over at California Adventures...a VERY hungry kid and cranky Daddy.  Time to go home! 
The Kid eating some of the world's most expensive (and smallest) cup of Mac N Cheese

 A long hard day of walking, eating and buying.  I found something at one of the stores I actually wanted.  In the sea of merchandise over-kill I found a beautiful cotton cable-knit baby blanket.  I had to have it.  Unfortunately we still couldn't find the 'right' gift for 'The Kid' for Christmas.  So we may just have to go back before then...

Lady Chan


  1. Oh darn. Another trip to Disneyland! Again, wish I were there!

  2. I miss that place! I was wondering if you may go on Labor Day...Why no pictures of you? Happy Labor Day of your own on Monday(?)

  3. Disneyland was packed that day. But, it's TRADITION! We kept ourselves entertained with a very active child and some mint juleps.

    Monday is the day and I really can't wait! Bring it on!