Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!!  We spent Turkey Day at the cabin with Omi and Papa, my little brother The Pilot and of course our ever-growing gang.

Not a lot happens when we go up there.  Unless you are this woman:

Awesome pie Mom, thanks!

In which case a lot of things are happening.  In the kitchen.  And I suffer from severe guilt because I yet again did not help in the kitchen.  At all.  The MB said that one of these days I'm going to have to cook my own Thanksgiving dinner.  NO!!!!!!  

Mom really is pretty cool about letting us all be lazy while she slaves away in the kitchen.  But then she's never been one to sit around for long anyway.  She's got to keep her ADHD well fed.

It's funny, the picture above doesn't look like we had much but it was actually perfect and very filling.  What a small group!  Of course our children aren't really taking up much room at the table just yet.  Give it a couple more years.  And while I'm looking at this picture I must say...everybody looks like they've been through a train wreck or something.  Hm.  This is actually the picture of total relaxation.  Interesting.   

And speaking of relaxation...there isn't much of it when there are two little ones to look after.  But the Man and I managed to take turns getting in some nap time so it was actually a pretty good day.

Here's me...fetching the Kid from outside again.  This bridge freaks me out.  It's about a 10-12 foot drop to the creek bed.  It doesn't sound like much but when you see this kid running across it...I'd like to not have to not have him air-lifted to the nearest hospital with a bleeding head.  No.  I'm not paranoid.

I sure do love this kid.  He makes me crazy but I LOVE LOVE LOVE him.  Even when he goes outside without his coat and shoes on.  And runs from me when I tell him to 'get over here'!  And when I take him on walks out there I try not to think about all the starving wild animals hiding in the bushes waiting to drag him off.  Why do I think of that kind of stuff?!  It makes me crazy!

The Pilot just got his Christmas gift early from our parents.  He's being shipped off to the middle east somewhere.  I think he told me it was somewhere between India and Mongolia.  Wherever that would be then.  Thankfully he'll only be gone a few months.  But it will be during his birthday and Christmas. God Speed little brother!

A new gadget!
Santa's Toy Shop and his little helper...Buddy the Elf.  

Air guitar.  Don't ask.
 The picture of contentment.  Grandkid chaos, a crackling fire and Papa...with his Lois L'Amour.

Now here's a Thanksgiving tradition I'm still not sure how I feel about.  Skeet shooting.  Though we were lazy and didn't bring the skeet shooter, so we used milk cartons instead.

Let me just say this.  I. Hate. Guns.  They freak me out.  The sight of them.  Holding them.  The sound they make.  Yuck.  And yet, I can't help but shoot a few rounds.  I always think, 'Okay, I'm never going to do this again.'  But I find myself having a go at it anyway.  Though I don't know why.  My shoulder bruises every time.

Missed-It-Again Molly

The Pilot, showing us how to load a rifle.  And a little gun safety lecture before we began.  

Mad-Eye McDougal

The Man shooting his first gun.  And he totally smoked me!  He hit his target his first go-round!  It took me a few rounds or so to finally hit my target.  But in my defense, the gun was really, really heavy.

and...The Shanghai Kid

A great, short little trip/holiday to the cabin with some family.  Unfortunately, the Man had to work Friday so we left Thursday night.  Probably good that we came home anyway.  The kids (and us) sleep so much better in our own beds.  Good sleep = happy kids.  Always a good thing.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  (Thanks again Mom for doing all the work)!

Lady Chan

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