Monday, March 5, 2012

We're Back....

So glad to be home!  'The Kid' and I went on a little road trip to see some family.

And snow.

Here are the highlights:

(please excuse the picture quality...I only had the use of my camera phone).

Departure date, February 25, 2012.

Remember those Halloween costumes I posted about?  Those got re-packed in their trunks (all 6 of them) and put in and on the car, among the other various items of junk that we packed.

Which meant that Lady Chan's designated travel seat felt much like the one traveling from LA to KLA on China Air.  Except this trip there was no tv monitor to watch movies on.  And no in-flight meals/drinks brought to me by a well dressed airline attendant.

This kid was up for most of the 12 hour car ride.  Thankfully he was too tired to fuss.  So he just sat there with a blank look on his face the whole time.  Got to the MB's place around 2 a.m.  But so cute...Sister #2's oldest two kids went over there earlier and set up a bed for me AND 'The Kid'.  It was so nice to come in and just crash.  

Sunday, February 26, 2012.

Went to church with a bunch of family.  Had dinner at #5's place.  I think everyone was there except 'The Man' and one other spouse.  That makes (calculating....) something like 34 people.  And that's immediate family only.  Oh ya.

And the MB wanted to take pictures.  Which we were all VERY excited to do.  Someone got ahold  of my phone and took some really blurry pictures.

The Boys
The Ladies
And because I LOVE taking pictures....See ya!


After the party was the AFTER-PARTY at the MB's.  Again, someone got ahold of my phone.  
Zero adult supervision

After that the days kind of ran together.

From February 27 to March 1 I did little.  

Because it looked like this outside....                   
Pretty, but, cold.  There was an occasional trip to 'The Dog House' (that building in the background) to help Squeaks on the table saw.  My most favorite thing to do in all the world.  Working with dangerous sharp fast-moving machinery.  (You're welcome). 

It was fun to see 'The Kid' see his first snow.  I think it snowed a couple days after we got there.  I bring good snow-luck.  Apparently it had been a fairly mild winter until I showed up.  The Ice-Queen Arrives!!!     
The Kid's first sight of snow...awww.  Too bad he won't remember it.  
About mid-week 'The Kid' got sick with a fever.  He wasn't very enthusiastic.  About anything.  But the MB and I ventured out on the porch for a few minutes to introduce 'The Kid' to the falling snow.  He was interested for a few seconds anyway.


Friday March 2, 2012.

Leaving for Big Sister's house.  This involved going outside.  Me no likey.  AND 'The Kid' was not in a good mood.  But his hat was so cute I HAD to get a picture.  The MB helped.  :)     
Not even little kids like to be bossed by the MB

This is a tantrum in progress
While at Big Sister's I took some pictures of some of her kids.  That's #5 and #7 with me.  Didn't do a whole lot there either.  I love doing nothing!  Actually Sis and I took an excursion shopping.  I helped her buy a new wardrobe complete with big girl shoes.  #5 almost wet her pants with excitement over those shoes.  (I thought I loved shoes).  

Saturday March 3, 2012

Departure morning.  My nephew let me commandeer his room.  And closet.  'The Kid' and I didn't sleep well at the MB's.  So at Big Sis's house we put 'The Kids'' sleeper in the closet.  Best night sleep all week.  He took a nap in there for 2 1/2 hours.  (We were clocking 1/2 nap at the MB's).  And through the night that night.  Sweet.  Felt a little weird about putting him in the closet but, hey, whatever gets him to sleep!
Still waking up

What a difference a good night's sleep makes

I met all the fam-damily at Brother #3's for a baptism.  Another whirlwind affair, but sadly, not long enough.  Me, The Parentals and 'The Kid' left soon after.  I didn't even get a waffle!

'The Kid' actually sleep like a normal kid on the way home.  I suppose lack of sleep and being sick will kind of do that to you.
Finally asleep!  

 Sunday March 4, 2012

Home at last!!!  And what an awesome homecoming!  Sunday met us with blue skies and 80 degree weather.  I almost cried.  It could've been because of a blissful nights sleep too.  We made good time.  11 p.m. Saturday night.  Not bad.  'The Man' stayed up long enough to give me a hug, ask me about our trip  then say good-night.

We, Lady Chan and 'The Kid' had a great time.  I loved watching 'The Kid' play with all of his cousins. He LOVES the action!!!  And he's less crabby with me and I barely have to keep track of him when he's so busy playing with the other kids.  Wish they all lived closer to us.  I just can't do the snow.  I treasure being warm.  So good to see everyone though.  I miss my family.  But, I'm also VERY glad to be home.  My own bed, temperatures fit for human existence and best of all....'The Man'.


  1. Please don't come to Minnesota, I would hate to see what kind of snow the Ice queen would bring...
    Looks like you had a great trip! My favorite picture is the one of your mom and sisters as you are trying to get out of the shot. Those expressions are priceless!
    Do you have face time? I think the Kid and Ashley would love jabbering with each other! Enjoy the sun and your bed! We are supposed to hit 50 today! I'm giddy!

  2. I love putting kids to sleep in a closet! Next time at the MB, try the closet in the Ivy Room. Sweetness. The port-a-crib fits just perfectly. Glad you all got home safely!

  3. Um, yes, apparently my booty elicits an enormous reaction from many. Luscious. :)

    Yes! I have face time and I think that's a great idea. What's the time difference, two hours?