Monday, March 26, 2012


Yes.  We went to Hawaii!  We celebrated our TWO YEAR anniversary.

'The Man' and I were discussing our options for how we wanted to celebrate and for some reason the both of us had Hawaii on the brain.  So we went.  Random!

So here's how it all went down:

We stayed at the Turtle Bay Resort.  I was surprised by how awesome our view was.  Then noticed that every hotel room has a great room.  Obviously they planned it that way.  It was a great plan.  Waking up to beautiful views and the sound of the ocean?  Priceless.

Disclaimer: We used an old point-and-shoot and our phone camera's.  Not the greatest quality.  Spellings probably off too, sorry.

There's a father-son pair in the water here.  The son is surfing on his own.  He looked to be about 5 or 6 years old.  He is officially really cool.  

The first thing we did after getting off the plane (and getting a rental car) was drive down to Lae'i for some grub.  Apparently Giovanni's is the place to be.  Long line, but good grub.  And they use A LOT of garlic.  I was tasting that one for days.

Giovanni's specialty: Shrimp Scampi
I tried the garlic hot dog (background).  It was big.
These next three are taken at Lae'i Point.  There's some story about the five little islands out there.  Apparently the islands are the five pieces of some giant lizards head that some warrior chopped off.  For some reason or other.  That's about all I can remember of the story.  Not very impressive I know.  Google it.

We visited Kualoa Ranch on our last full day on the island.  That was fun.  We took the 'Movie Set Locations' tour.  On a bus.  Off-road.  It was a little scary.  But we made it out okay.  

The wheels on the bus go round and round...
'China Man's Hat'  It's got a Hawaiian name too but every body just calls it that. 

This is the log that the two kids hide behind in the movie Jurassic Park.  It's seen better days.  But I love that show!
Another view of the log

Where the cast 'played golf' on the show LOST.  Man I love that show!!!
The submarine used in LOST.  Apparently this isn't the one Locke blew up.  Phew. 
Outside one of the bunkers that is featured in an episode of LOST.  Kate vs. Juliet...epic.
The list of movies that have been filmed here goes on and on.  I'll spare you.  These were just a few highlights.
Two gorilla's kissing.  I think there's a view of it in the movie 'George of the Jungle'.  Can you see it?

I think the second day on the island we went to Waimea Valley Falls.  (And according to my brother is the only botanical garden that you actually have to pay to get into, which he thought was ridiculous).  But we didn't know that.  And we still probably would've gone.  A very pretty walk/hike.  Not quite a mile.  And then the falls.  It looked VERY familiar.  Later we found out it's Kate and Sawyers Falls.  Well, not really.  But that's what I'm calling it.  In the LOST episodes this is where Kate and Sawyer find the Halliburton case.  You have to watch it!

I totally smoked Evangeline Lily in this shot.  Hands down!

I really wasn't in the shutter-bug mood while on vacation.  And I have this tourist-complex.  I feel really self-concious about taking pictures/having my picture taken.  Especially as a tourist.  So we don't have pictures of everything/everywhere we did/went.  Lucky you!

We went to the Hukilou Cafe.  I had some seriously large blueberry pancakes that weren't bad.  I guess this place was made famous because of the movie 50 First Dates, though nothing from the interior was looking all that familiar.  Oh well.  It's the experience that counts.  

We went to the Polynesian Cultural Center.  I'm SO SO glad we opted for the shorter day trip.  By the time we got to Tonga I was pretty much done.  It was a lot of fun.  I know the jokes have been going around there for years, but hey, they were new to me!  So I thought it was pretty great.  And that place was huge!

The day of departure we had some time to kill and I was told we HAD to go to Hilo Hatti's.  So we went.  It was pretty much like seeing all the other gift shops we've been in...only bigger.  I don't really get into gift shops.  We found a car for 'The Kid'.  'The Man' bought a map of Oahu when we went to Kualoa Ranch so he was set.  I found some earrings and some chocolate for 'The Parentals'.

He likes it.

We did some swimming.  (And snorkeling).  I was surprised the water was as cold as it was.  I have this weird notion that when you go to a tropical island the water will be warm.  I'm such a wimp.  But it was really great to relax on the beach some.  Swim some.  And eat some.  'The Man' did all the driving.  He's so good to me.  I think he's done driving for awhile.  

All in all, not a bad way to spend an anniversary.  We've decided though that next time we visit the island we're taking the kids.  It seems like a great place for families to vacation.    


  1. Your brother be wrong. I have never actually been to a botanical garden that I didn't have to pay for - The one in the Bronx, the one in St Louis...of course, that may be the entire list. But, tell that brother SO THERE!

    Sounds like ya'll had a great time. Way cooler than Doug and I going to CA over the weekend!

  2. Well, it wouldn't be the first time! I can't really remember the last time I've been to a botanical garden so I can't say one way or other. But I didn't mind paying.

    CA is a nice get-away place too though! While we were there I kept thinking that there's really a lot of similarities between HI and CA. Hawaii was fun and all but really, CA isn't such a bad place to be around. And I'm guessing that our exotic get-aways will be limited to just that one for awhile.

    Sorry I didn't get to see you while you were here. Briefly. Bet it was nice to get a break from the kids for a few days anyway.