Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Getty and Other Things

I took the kids to the Getty a last week.  June 25th.  I can't believe I braved it.  I was in the mood for a drive and the kids were happy.  
At the Getty they have what's called The Family Room, a sort of play room for kids so they don't destroy  the real art.  Small and a little bit lacking but the kids liked it for the five minutes we were there.  They made some masks, jumped on a French bed and played with magnet animals on the wall.

I even dared to take them INSIDE some of the rooms to look at some paintings and statues.  After being yelled at a couple times by the security guards we went outside for snacks.  


I tried to push my luck and take them through the gardens but my window of 'happy kids' closed quickly.  I got about an hour and a half with them at the Getty.  Not too bad.  And the part they loved the most?  The TRAM!!  To and from the parking lot.  What's not to like about a tram ride up and down a mountain?

And in some exciting yard news, The Man has begun work on the play house!  Woohoo!!!  Sorry, just a little excited.  Papa helped him out with putting in the footings.  It has begun!

And....pumpkins are coming soon.  Wee!!

That's all!

Lady Chan

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