Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Family Welcome Here Part II

My brother Jakob and his son Brandon came for a visit last week.  They were very happy to be in the warm California sun.  Very warm.  

I had Brandon over for a couple days while his dad was at work.  The Kid and Brandon got along wonderfully.  I'm guessing it's because they both are on the same communication level.  Neither of them can say much so it worked out great.  :)  

I braved three kiddos on my own at the beach.  It worked out better than I had hoped.  (Usually excursions end in tantrums, dragging someone back to the car or something).  Not this time, woohoo!  

The kids played a lot in the backyard dirt patch.  Brandon likes to dig.  

While my brother was here we asked him to 'help' <basically do it for us> hang some doors in the kitchen.  I warned you about coming for visits!!  But I'm so happy!  I have glass doors up in my kitchen finally!!  

And a pantry door!  No more visible food-stuff chaos.  It makes my kitchen look cleaner than it really is.  Not that that was a hard miss.  I mean, look at the top of the fridge!  We've still got a ways to go when it comes to re-organizing the kitchen and putting up more shelving.  But for now...I have doors!

Thanks Jakob!

Life is wonderful!

Lady Chan

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