Wednesday, February 26, 2014

All in a Frebruary

So February...that was a fast month!  I'm still kinda breathless.  Here it is in all it's picture randomness.

This is what happens when Mommy takes a (I thought quick) shower without feeding the kids first.

You better believe I put it all back in the box.  It's now their 'special' box of cereal reserved just for them.  Aren't I nice?

And it was a brand new Costco-size box too.  Little devils.

Lots of home repairs and such going on.  (I just ordered curtains, for the third time, for The Kid's room...crossing my fingers).  Our main focus this month has been the garage.  The Man has put the lion's share of work into it...thanks babe!

This is actually a picture of the inside of the garage before we even had our papers in.  

This is the garage after we bought it and after my father started on re-doing the electrical that we had hired someone to do for us and didn't do it right.  I don't want to talk about it...

 This is the garage.  Not finished per-se, but pretty dang close.  The Man finished putting up the baseboards last week and we were able to get the washer and dryer hooked up the same day.  We've been scrambling to get the garage done this month.  It's been exhausting.  (Don't look too ain't perfect).

I'll have more pictures of the 'AFTER' for the garage once we get rid of some old furniture and settle-in a bit more.

I'm not sure who was more excited about the washer and or The Kid.

In between all the repairs/finishings, etc., we had some family come to town.  Yippee!!!  I can't tell you how much The Kid LOVES all the action.  He would have the biggest fit when we would leave Omi's.  He wanted to play with all the big kids.  It's so funny.  I don't think he has a clue who anybody is but he just loves all the action.  

Anyway, my brother and his wife surprised their kids with a trip to Disneyland.  At the time our washer and dryer hadn't been put up yet so I drove over to do a load of laundry and they were about to drive away.  I knew they must be going somewhere, because nothing's going to get my sister-in-law out of bed before 10 unless they're going places!  

Omi told me where they were going so...I invited myself!  Which I must say was probably the only exciting part of the day.  Sadly.  Lately The Man and I have had good success with taking the kids to Disneyland.  It wasn't a good day for the kids to go.  They were SO cranky.  And I was by myself with them most of the day.  I think I'm still recovering!  But we went and the kids got to see some fun stuff, so there.

All smiles!

The Kid watching the Cars zoom by.  And we found Papa while we were there, yay! 

This is about the happiest I could get her...
Oh, and the ride home??  No bueno!  Two hours of stop and go, good 'ol California traffic.  I hated life.  On a good day you can get there in about an hour.  <whimper, whimper>

I don't know if it's February, or me or what but I've had some serious cabin fever lately.  And it's not like I'm piled under snow to use that as an excuse.  But I've been dying to get out of the house practically any time I can.  So...I called Omi the other day and told her she was going with me to the Zoo.  She didn't need convincing.  And it was a very beautiful day there.  Plus, the kids were super happy.  Bonus!

She was really into the lion sculptures while we were there.  Okey Dokey!
 So the last couple visits at the Zoo I couldn't get The Kid to go near any of the animal statues.  This visit, he saw them and it was like they were long lost friends.  Whatever!  Little Lady never seemed to have a problem with them.  She was the first on them!

And for a little home randomness...

there's this patch of grass on our front lawn (the one we never water).  It's like this freak patch of grass.  It grows super tall, super fast.  And the kids make a b-line for it whenever they get the chance.  It's kind of trampled now, but when they first jumped in you couldn't even see them.  Maybe it's just funny for me...
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And The Kid for some reason has taken a liking to eating the grass.  Whatever gets him to eat his greens, I won't complain!

Happy February!

Lady Chan

I think I failed on the Valentine's Day front.  At least for the kids.  But they're small and oblivious so we're good.  I DID stop by the Bread Basket for some dessert for The Man and I for later.  Mmmmm.  Tulip cups...chocolate mousse with fresh raspberries....

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  1. Valentine's Day is so overrated. The grass eating is much more fun! Thanks for the catch-up post - loving it!