Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas Re-visited

Couple of things I wanted to mention/show before I forget and before it gets WAY irrelevant (ie it's August).

I decided since 'The Man' and I are still relatively 'new' at the whole "family thing", we've got some traditions we can establish (or at least try out) early on.

The first involves Christmas ornaments.  Some people seem to have this Christmas tree theme figured out waaayyyy in advance.  I guess I'm lame and probably just a little bit lazy.  I have no theme.  I haven't thought about it before.  This year I kind of got a little anxious.  Like, "We've got a kid!  He's going to remember Christmas and all the little things that go with it!  What do we do?!"

So, a couple of days before the BIG DAY, we all took a trip to downtown Ventura to find one of those knick-knack shops that are like eye-candy and stock ridiculously overpriced kitsch.  We chose a couple of ornaments for this years tree (which was no small feat given that the store had about 25 separately themed Christmas trees).

We went for 'beach' or 'nautical' or 'marine life'.  However you want to look at it.

'The Man' chose the half-naked fish lady...just saying.

The black envelopes were something I had wanted to do before ornaments entered my brain.  They're a love note if you will.  Kind of a short 'I love you' re-cap of the year.  Short because my memory stinks.  

So we're off!  One new Christmas tradition for the Chan establishment.  

This last one I added for fun.  I thought it was sweet.  I know.  Awwwhhh....
Omi and 'The Kid'


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