Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas 2011

2011 Christmas in picture

The tree Christmas morning.  We were hoping it would 
still be green by Christmas.  And not catch fire.  

Everybody needs a fireplace just for this reason.

New mugs for 'The Man' and I.  (A little plug here.  Pay 
attention, you'll see more of the ceramics elsewhere).  Opening stockings 
is serious business, we're gonna need sustenance.

A little nod toward an old tradition in my family.  My Dad used to eat sardines.  So we'd get him a can for his stocking.  We were delightfully disgusted by this every year.  After awhile the tradition kind of faded but not the memory.  So 'The Man' got a can of sardines for his stocking.  Only better.  Because you can actually eat these.

Stocking fun.  Soccer bubbles!

More stocking fun.  Seriously, sometimes I think 
Christmas could begin and end with just the stockings.

My husband...he's so talented.  Expecto patronum baby!

We stop for breakfast.  First time making crepes.  I used this recipe here and yes, it was GOOD.
P.S.  Notice the plate???  

'The Man' has got this one down.  (Again, we found the recipe here).

Okay...the presents.  

A man after my own heart. Well, he had it a long time ago.  
He gets bonus points for things like this.

Go Gunners!

New wood stacking rings.  And other eco-friendly things to play with.

New phone and it's a party!

UGG's.  I have a pair of UGGS.  My feet have never been so happy.  And warm.

So I thought that Christmas was something great already.  Then came a little surprise.  My brother and I have had a long standing joke about him making me a jewelry box.  It's so awesome it even gets two pictures.   

Yes, my own flesh and blood made this.  Dove-tailed.  Smooth as silk finish.  And it's beautifully lined.  (And yes, I know you were wondering.  That ring you see in there is real, cuz that's how I role).  
'The Man' joked that he didn't get that kind of reaction to anything he gave me.  Well...I know.  I can't help it.  I mean, look at this thing!!!  It's awesome!

Another piece of awesome-ness that I'd like to share is this wooden toy crane.  My Dad made it.  Yes, I know.  It's overwhelming, the talent, isn't it?  Anyway, I'm very excited to add this to the collection.  There's a wooden toy train set that goes perfect with this.  Oh, and notice the dishes in the background?  Mmmm.  Lady Chan is so happy.  

A very Merry Christmas!


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